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It is with great pride that we introduce two unique table designs to the market.  Little Johnny and Able Table bring ingenuity and practical relief to the challenges of both indoor and outdoor living. With 3 patents between them, Able Table and Little Johnny arrive in the world fully functional and borne with solid construction to meet the needs of those who require assistance with horizontal work spaces in all environments.


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Innovative Table Designs

Little Johnny is a patented portable desk device that provides a compact, tidy work space in any environment. Inspired by the needs of the bathroom camper -- you know, the individual that loves "me time" on the commode -- Little Johnny offers a handy desktop surface perfect for reading and writing. No longer is there a danger of dropping your magazine or electronic device into the toilet!  An accommodating compartment beneath the tray top gives a perfect home for magazines, laptops, wet wipes, medicines, or any other personal items the user wants safely stored and accessible.

 A recessed hole on the tray top serves as a place for pens, cell phones, drinks or medicines. Raised flared handles and sturdy frame construction provide assistance for those who need help rising to and from a seated position. Little Johnny folds up into a clever patented upright form for easy storage and portability. Ideal for meals in front of the TV, nature drawing sessions out in the yard, bedside studying, or relaxing "office hours" on the patio, Little Johnny is the perfect, portable work station for any environment.

The table top itself comes with a retractable rail on each side which, when extended, provides peace of mind, preventing items from slipping off. Two bulls eye water levels flush mounted on the table surface make finding horizon a breeze. Three different foot attachments adapt to numerous surface types: a spiked foot for insertion into soft ground, a 10" disc for sand and pebbles, and a 4" disc for hard ground. Ideal for picnicking, camping, catering, special event marketing, and even military/medical operations in the field, Able Table now allows a new freedom to enjoy heretofore challenging terrain.

Able Table is a patented all-terrain table suitable for use in any environment. Ideal for uneven surfaces in the great outdoors, Able Table comes equipped with several unique features. Telescoping legs that allow a lower threaded "stem" screw into an upper leg "chamber" give the user the ability to adapt to a hillside slope or a dip in the ground. The deep threads provide resistance, so that the weight bearing capacity of the table can handle hefty loads. A range of 10" on each leg provides freedom to adapt each leg individually.

Come see us at the 2017  National Hardware Show in Las Vegas May 9-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center!  We'll be in the Inventor's Spotlight section!

Little Johnny

Little Johnny serves the needs of two distinct yet overlapping markets:  those who create a work space out of nearly every environment they choose, and those who need help rising to and from a seated position. Yes, Little Johnny's sturdy construction and design allows the user to rely on Johnny, with or without the tray top in place.  In either position, this handy desk device is a crutch and reliable support system for the infirm and rehabilitating.   

To see animated clips of these devices on YouTube, click on the links below:  (Able Table) and (Little Johnny).  Be sure to see the NEW model of Little Johnny with improved features for ease of transport at

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